Ginger CommanderA computer systems engineer with advanced degrees in both digital security and psychology, Ginger Commander watched the internet grow up.  As her career started, the “information superhighway” was changing from its origins as a close academic connection pool, into a hotbed of emerging business. eCommerce began to boom, and she was on the edge of it, securing some of the first first online shopping carts for small businesses.  The internet matured, and she took her security skills to the Department of Defense, where she developed tools, testing strategies, and security techniques for the Army.  She made her latest move to the financial sector in 2012.

Today, Ginger Commander builds some of the systems that sit on the leading edge of banking and telecommunications.  Commended for her defense work by Army brass, and an active participant in decades of digital security evolution, Ginger is a key contributor to Rick Mann’s cyber-safety campaign, “Think Before You Click.”  She is a published author, and “she writes voraciously.”  For fun, she enjoys writing in almost every genre, from cyber-punk to poetry to fairy tales.  However, the focus of her professional writing is always on technology.  In particular:  Technology, and the human.

Ginger has advised technical users across multiple sectors, from K-12 education to military testing.  As a working mother of two, she also knows the balancing act of parenthood, and takes child safety to heart. She points out that, whether in the office or at home, security is almost always under the user’s control.  This is why, she says, that she writes for the user first.  Tweaking the computer might help in a crisis, but an ounce of prevention is usually worth a pound of code.

It is Ginger’s sincere hope that, by raising awareness of online risks, she can help families to help themselves. Look to her blog posts for simple, behavioral changes that every person can make, to better manage the wilds of cyberspace.

Articles by Ginger Commander

  • A Family Internet Curfew

    Let's face it, parents. Our kids aren't…

  • Three Can Keep a Secret?

    Hey, look! We're getting smarter. We now know that: Texting isn't private Facebook isn't private Chatrooms aren't private Email isn't private Done, we're ditching all of that racket. We need a new hangout. But we're not ditching our devices, right?

  • Where in the World is Your Face?

    A picture is worth a thousand words, but what do your snaps really say? It may be something you didn’t intend. For example, did you know that your phone might be telling the whole world exactly where you are and when?

  • The Internet's Bleeding Heart

    Ever have that ridiculous bad dream? You know, the one where you were supposed to give a speech in your high school lunchroom, and you suddenly looked down, and there you were standing in your underwear? Well, that dream is a reality now for some coders and web server administrators across the globe. It's hard to explain just how much this upsets me.

  • "What Not to Wear" Online

    Do you really want to publicly broadcast your whereabouts, or even worse, your family's whereabouts? Do you really want vids of naked people online, some of them underage kids? (Hint: Child Pornography laws apply here and to you. Are you listening now?) Do you really want your future college recruiter, or worse, future employer, to see the crush site you published to bully someone in high school? Do you really, truly think that no one will ever notice when you do something dumb in public?

  • Is Facebook Your Friend?

    Let’s get real: No set of code and wires can fully protect you from yourself. As with all social interactions, your own safety is up to you. Want to take control of your digital life? Read on.

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