Who are we?

The presentation series, Think Before You Click, was launched in 2010 by the accomplished attorney, speaker, and legal counsel, Rick Mann. Since that time, Mr. Mann has been setting his audiences on fire on the topic of protecting themselves from personal digital threats in a changing world. One speech at a time, Mr. Mann spreads useful cyber-safety advice to children, parents, and educators across the United States.

Since starting in Ohio with K-12 schools, Mr. Mann now works with a wide range of K-12, college, and faith based organizations. His speeches never fail to open the eyes of his audiences to the hidden legalities that surround their digital lifestyles. Now, teaming with published author, mother, and cyber-security engineer, Ginger Commander, Mr. Mann brings a timely and thought-provoking topic to the public: How to make personal safety a constant, when nothing else ever stays the same.

This website and its security blog are established a service to all families, in hopes that it will bring some sanity into their own discussions about safety online. If our message is also important to you, and if you’re the leader of an educational or faith-based organization, be sure to book a presentation today.