Every day, someone else hears the message, “Think Before You Click.”  What are they saying after Rick Mann speaks?  Check out these testimonials, and then book a presentation for your group today.

The strength of Rick’s presentation comes from his ability to reach across generational lines and bridge technological gaps.  He speaks as plainly to the kids as the parents, and does so in a manner which invites serious discussion between parent and child afterwards.  Presenting the information in a church context reinforces Christian parenting, and gives added moral weight to the importance of the topic.  The presentation gives parents a vehicle to use to start the conversation with our children, and for the less initiated, some groundwork to build upon.  Technology develops at a dizzying pace, and equipping our families to work with it, and not have it work against us, is a genuine benefit.

I recommend and endorse Rick Mann’s programs for churches, without hesitation.

Forrest Norman Elder, Hudson Presbyterian Church, Cleveland, Ohio June 25, 2014

Making their private lives public via social networking has ramifications far beyond what most adolescents can foresee. Rick Mann’s clear message and candid style provided our students and parents with information they need about social networking and the law. This is a “must attend” presentation.

Mary Jo Scalzo, Ph.D., Superintendent Oakwood City School District, Dayton, Ohio May 2, 2014

Mr. Mann your message to our parents was extremely informative.  One parent said to me afterwards that she had never considered all the issues involved in allowing her daughter use of the computer and the cell phone, her eyes were opened to many new areas of responsibility for her and her children.

Mary E. Smith, Superintendent Christian Academy Schools, Sidney, Ohio May 1, 2014

Rick Mann provides a powerful, informative and insightful program on the dangers that are present on the internet that can have significant detrimental impact on the lives of our families.  I think the program is an essential resource for every individual and family in this day of internet and social media communication and highly recommend it.

Tim Thomas, Attorney Hudson Presbyterian Church, Ravenna, Ohio May 1, 2014

Thank you for 2 presentations to the students of Butler High School on Friday, March 28, 2014.  The 2 presentations were slightly different and “geared” towards the appropriate age group (Freshmen/Sophomores and Juniors/Seniors).

The adults/staff in attendance found the presentation timely and relevant.

I met with the “Student Liaison” group a few weeks after the presentation.  Part of our agenda was to discuss the presentation and their thoughts/views.

The conversation focused on revenge sexting/pornography and how it was relevant to people they knew.  The content was important and relevant to their lives.  They believed more students (teenagers) need to hear this message and information.

Chad Hill, Principal Butler High School, Vandalia, OH April 30, 2014

I sincerely would like to thank you for your presentation on the issue of social media; cyber bullying, cheating, sexting and other related conduct. The information you shared with my staff was very informative and eye opening.

Connie Stitzlein, Principal Riverside Elementary School, Dublin, Ohio November 18, 2013

On behalf of the Oakwood Schools PTO, I want to thank you for the time you spent with our students, staff and parents this week. Your presentation was very insightful, interesting and timely. I personally pray that these young people heard you and take your advice to heart.

Joan Fisk Oakwood Schools PTO November 18, 2013

On behalf of our 700 students here at Harrison Central high School, the staff, faculty and administration - - Thank you for your excellent presentation on the dangers of the cyber world! Even if we help 1 student, the message is important to hear! Thanks again.

Duran Morgan, Dean of Students Harrison Central High School Cadiz, Ohio November 18, 2013

Mr. Mann was well received by the staff and students! The kids were very attentive and seemed to take in what he was saying. Technology for students is a big issue and the more knowledge and understanding the kids can get-the better they will handle the responsibilities of the available technology. Rick Mann really brought home some good points to the students!


Jonathan Bradley, Asst. Principal Fairland High School, Kettering, Ohio November 18, 2013

I believe this assembly had an especially positive impact on our students.

After Rick was done speaking, one of our “frequent fliers” (in the office for discipline…often) approached me and asked if he could get a pass to the restroom. When I asked him why he couldn’t simply stop there on his way back to class, he told me, “I’m gonna be a while.” I laughed, told him that was fine, and asked him hey he was going to be so long. His response: “Because I got a LOT of stuff I need to delete off my phone. After hearing Mr. Mann speak, I’m scared. I didn’t know any of that stuff was a felony, and I don’t want to ruin my life.” I wrote him the pass.

Jonathan Kuehnle, Principal Circleville High School Circleville, Ohio November 18, 2013

Mr. Mann’s presentation to our high school students was engaging and informative. I could hear students talking about it in the hallway during class changes and several teachers continued the conversations in their classrooms that day. Several weeks later during an investigation involving sexting one of our students stated, “After the assembly earlier this year, I will never send a naked picture of myself because you never know where it will end up.” That was a clear indication that our students listened and are following the message Mr. Mann delivered.


Elise Stephan, Principal Nelsonville-York High School, Nelsonville, Ohio November 18, 2013

Rick’s no-nonsense approach with a twist of humor really kept our high school students and staff’s attention. You could hear a pin drop during his presentations!

Matt Brown, Student Services Supervisor Wayne County Schools Career Center, Smithville, Ohio November 18, 2013

The information Mr. Mann gave our students was timely and well received. Often students don’t pay much attention to the advice given to them by parents, teachers, or others close to them. Hearing the same thing from a “third party” though may be the difference between choosing right from wrong.

Greg Bowman, M. Ed., Assistant Principal/EMIS Coordinator Collins Career Center, Chesapeake, Ohio November 18, 2013

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