Help them choose

Kids are bombarded with media, and increasingly surrounded by wires, lights, screens, and chaos.  None of that changes the fact that they are still kids.  They are exposed to temptations with their electronics in the same way as they would be with anything else.  They are also fighting each other in new and innovative ways, using the tools that they have available.  Why not help your student group navigate the information superhighway with a presentation, tailored just for them?

For groups as large as 2,000, beginning at Grade 5 through University level, all presentations are customized both for age, and allotted time.  After a discussion with you, the administrator, Mr. Mann will adapt a presentation to emphasize your topics exactly.  The speech will vary in emphasis, and the level of candid language, in order to fit your audience. Do your students need to hear about cyber-bullying, for example?  Or, have you noticed a problem with cyber-cheating?  Are you concerned about sexting, and are your students aware of what could happen to them?  Let them hear the real perils of those common mistakes, and watch their eyes open.

Here is what you can expect, during and after the presentation:

  • Real time help and advice on hot topics such as cyber-bullying
  • Improved grasp of how cyber-life intersects with “real” life
  • Positive effect on school climate, and student behavior
  • Better understanding of school tech policies
  • Reduction of administrator workload

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