Audience considerations vary with the speech.  Here are some rules to help you, when you invite me to speak at your event:

  • Student audiences: It’s common to have several hundred students, but I will speak to as many as 2,000.  It is recommended that larger groups (over about 800 depending on the seating) be split according to age. Best is 7-8, 9-10 and 11-12.  This allows better engagement and age appropriateness for the presentation.
  • Teachers:  Audiences range from several dozen in a small school to 2,000 teachers in a district.
  • Parents:  Parent seminars tend to be somewhat smaller, usually in the low hundreds.  These have also been sponsored by PTAs, Juvenile court (1) chamber of commerces in smaller cities.  Parent presentations use overhead slides (student presentations don’t).
  • Faith based:  These are designed for small groups, large home study groups, banquets,  church sponsored for regulars and church sponsored for the local community.  Several churches may advertise to other churches and non-attendees as part of their local outreach.  These presentations may also include older teens (16 and above), and are supported by overhead slides.

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