For this, I invite you to visit and read my testimonials page.  There are numerous accounts of how my speeches have helped schools already.  However, here are some of the high points.

When I speak with the student body:

  • The students will have a better understanding of why their conduct codes are written the way they are and the correlation between what they do in cyber and their “real life issues.
  • Students get real time help and advice, as to what to do to react to cyber bullies.
  • A positive effect on the school climate, student behavior and administrator workload dealing with tech issues.

When I speak with parents/teachers:

  • Understanding of the limitations imposed on schools by the law, when it comes to dealing the most serious tech issues.
  • Understanding of how to recognize the signs of cyber-bullying, sexting, and sextortion
  • Overview of some apps that kids are using, and don’t want adults to know about

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