Security Center

Let’s face it, parents. Our kids aren’t listening. They have a million things on their minds, and we don’t make the list. No, they’re not bad kids, but . . . just sayin’. What happened last time you asked her to clean her room?

Take that reality and throw it up against the wall. Not just any wall, your home’s internet firewall. Fact: they’re addicted to every thing with a smart screen. Fact: one chat session can derail homework and mental health in a second. More? They can’t quit this. Not on their own. Continue reading

Do you really want to publicly broadcast your whereabouts, or even worse, your family's whereabouts? Do you really want vids of naked people online, some of them underage kids? (Hint: Child Pornography laws apply here and to you. Are you listening now?) Do you really want your future college recruiter, or worse, future employer, to see the crush site you published to bully someone in high school? Do you really, truly think that no one will ever notice when you do something dumb in public? Continue reading Continue reading