phone-snap-smallThink it’s private? Really?

“What happens on the internet stays on the internet”

Ever wonder about the consequences of your digital lifestyle? Think that what you type in a chatroom today can’t possibly affect you tomorrow? Do you believe that your cell phone messages are truly private? Prepare to change your mind.

Think Before You Click, a cyber-security presentation for student and adult audiences, is the work of experienced legal counsel, Rick Mann. Already sought out in the halls of Public Education, Mr. Mann delivers an eye-opening message that will change the way you use computers and phones forever. Appearing at Middle Schools High Schools, colleges, and Faith-Based organizations, Mr. Mann’s presentation is opening eyes all over the United States. His firm grasp on the law, and how it really sees some of our offhand digital gaffes makes him the speaker your organization cannot afford to pass up.

Think Before You Click explores cyber bullying, sextortion, cyber security, and social media (including the effect that texting, tweeting and chats can have on your career). The first line of defense is knowledge; in these presentations audiences learn dangers of the cyber world, and how to avoid becoming perpetrators or victims of exploitation.

Regardless of the audience, Mr. Mann always tailors his talk to fit your group. Technology trends are moving fast. Book a presentation for your group today.

Opening quote: Jenna Wortham, New York Times

Who is Rick Mann?

Rick Mann is an attorney who attended Taylor University, and graduated from Ohio State University, with degrees in both education and law (Juris Doctor). He is a widely published author and speaker, who has served as Legal Counsel for school administrators since 1974.

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Technology develops at a dizzying pace, and equipping our families to work with it, and not have it work against us, is a genuine benefit. I recommend and endorse Rick Mann’s programs for churches, without hesitation.

Forrest Norman Elder, Hudson Presbyterian Church, Cleveland, Ohio June 25, 2014

A Family Internet Curfew

Let’s face it, parents. Our kids aren’t listening. They have a million things on their minds, and we don’t make the list. No, they’re not bad kids, but . . . just sayin’. What happened last time you asked her to clean her room?

Take that reality and throw it up against the wall. Not just any wall, your home’s internet firewall. Fact: they’re addicted to every thing with a smart screen. Fact: one chat session can derail homework and mental health in a second. More? They can’t quit this. Not on their own. more »